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Meet the Muddle Monsters!



The Original

Meet Pickle!

Pickle is the original Muddle Monster, created to offer a smile and take on those big feelings and  worries! Pickle makes the best travel sized companion, gives comfort and reminds you- You are loved, heard and your feelings matter!


The Go Getter

Meet Moonbeam!

Now, apart from being the most BEAUTIFUL little lilac lady you have ever set eyes on; Moonbeam has a mission. Moonbeam can take on those big feelings, along with any worries, but also makes a great friend, travel buddy and reminds you to follow those dreams and reach for the stars!

Moonbeam .jpeg


The Force

Meet Marvel!

Beautifully bright orange symbolising courage! 

Marvel has been designed to take on worries and big feelings,

Marvel makes the best hype buddy and can be used as the reassuring confidence boost you might need.

Marvel is a force and wants to remind you that you can achieve anything you put your mind to - even if it feels a little scary!


The Beautifully Unique

Meet Bloom!

Bloom has been created and designed to represent neurodiversity.

Striking eyes and a smile on the opposing side to the other Muddle Monsters to express the difference in the view on the world and how neurodivergent  brains process information. 

Bloom looks beautifully different from the other Muddle Monsters and represents different is awesome!

Bloom is for all to have, and all to love! Bloom has been created to spread awareness and acceptance around neurodiversity, start conversations and to help neurodivergent minds feel loved, included, equal and understood.

Bloom wants to remind you; you are accepted. Blooming every day, in your very own way. !

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