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What Is a Muddle Monster?

The concept behind a Muddle Monster is rather than eating a worry and getting rid of it, they keep the worry with them so that the child doesn’t have to. 

The worry doesn’t go away, it is kept in the Muddle's pocket, there for when the child is ready to talk about it with someone they trust.

Muddles can also be used as message monsters and help children to share something they just don’t feel comfortable saying aloud or face to face.

The action of writing it down has the same effect as it would an adult writing in a diary or texting a friend. 

Moonbeam Notes.jpeg
Moonbeam writing.jpeg

Muddle Monsters are great at providing comfort to children.

Their pocket offers a place for children to offload their worries or share what has made them feel sad.  

Muddle Monsters can also be used to support hospital visits, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, transitions, bereavement and all things in-between!

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