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Muddle Monsters offer a reasurring face to support little ones working through big feelings, they can also provide comfort for hospital visits, appointments, overnight stays, exams, transitions and everything inbetween!

Muddle Monsters have a small head pocket perfect for post it notes.

Children can write or draw their worries and put them into the Muddle's head pocket.

The Muddle will carry their worries so they no longer have to.

Muddle Monsters encourage children to express what is bothering them and talk to an adult about it.

Parents and caregivers can also leave notes of reasurrance or encouragement in the pocket for the child to keep with them.

They can also be used as message monsters to help children voice things to adults they don't want to say out loud.

Each muddle is created by hand and may have slight variations to the muddle pictured.


Size: 10cm

Muddle Monster - Moonbeam

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