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THE cutest little monsters, for when you're in a Muddle!

Moonbeam .jpeg

If a worry comes your way,

put it on paper and with me it can stay.

Anytime you feel in a Muddle,

just pick me up, I love a cuddle!




I'm Leonie, and my career has always been working with adults and children with additional needs and poor mental health.

Whilst working in a School,  I designed the Muddle Monsters to give the children something cute, reassuring and a little bit different to whisper their worries to. ⁣

First, creating them out of clay, I took to Instagram to share them 

and within 24 hours my first set of Muddle Monsters had sold out!

After a year of making and developing clay Muddle Monsters I decided to get in touch with a toy company to see if they could help me turn them into plush toys suitable and safe for all children! 

I have since been shared on social media by the wonderful Stacey Solomon and my little Monsters have been sent out far and wide! The Muddle crew have now grown into the cutest little team you have ever seen, ready to help with those scary thoughts and feelings! 

Muddle Evolution.jpg
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